Lisa Neilson – My Favourite MAKR Story

When I first joined Waterplay, one of our corporate values was Egalitarianism. 

My first thought was, “That doesn’t really roll off your tongue now does it? But it certainly is hard to forget.” It didn’t take very long for me to witness this value in action.  

My introduction to trade show season was sleeves rolled up, sweating in the unairconditioned hall, covered in dust dirt and grime while I worked alongside our owner setting up our booth.  

Looking around, I saw all these other people setting up booths as well but when it came to opening day, an entirely different group of people, all dressed in their suits and high heels, showed up for the show.  

Didn’t recognize a single one from the “trenches” of setting up the day before!  

Yup – I was definitely working for a company that lived its values from the top down and my reaction was, “Hell yes, high fives for us!”  

We’ve simplified the words a bit but “Equity” is still the anchor of our values and we live it! 

Lisa Neilson 

Vice President, Corporate Services