MAKR Group - Why Work Here!

Let’s start with our work environment.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and supportive in every possible way. In our vocabulary, it isn’t work/life balance, it is life/work balance. Just ask our Operations Manager, Darrel, about his creativity in managing seven, yup, seven, different shifts. We think he’s probably really good at Sudoko too.   

From where you work, to who you work with to when you work. We support remote and hybrid work arrangements and invest in dual monitors and stand up desks and have state-of-the-art facilities with tons of natural light, free parking, change rooms and showers, a full kitchen, and lots of other features that make us proud of our beautiful office space. 

We’re pet friendly too, so on any given day, you’re likely to see a four-legged friend keeping their human company while they work. Our dogs sometimes take a turn on our testpad too.

Why should humans have all the fun?

Your Total Rewards Program

We CARE about the projects we work on and the people we connect with—and our values are a figurative sword we’re willing to die on (figuratively… we just want to make that very clear).

  • Compensation

    We are market competitive with our base salaries and wages. We offer performance-based incentives too, from on-the-spot gift cards to a generous incentive program. When your company, your department and you do well, your performance is rewarded.

  • Self Care

    We know that we’re all unique snowflakes when it comes to our health and wellness needs. Our flexible group benefits plan means you have three options for coverage. Depending on what level you choose, you’ll either have 100% employer-paid premiums, or it’s a shared investment between you and MAKR.

  • Time Off

    We love what we do, and love doing it with each other, yet we also love time away to rejuvenate and play. Our paid time off includes generous vacation time, wellness days, additional time off between Christmas and New Years, and additional time off when you reach impressive service milestones.

  • Future Investing

    Where we start from isn't always equal, and that's unjust, plain and simple. Stick your pinky out because we're making a second promise, the places we work, the connections we build, and the outcomes we help create are inclusive and diverse, always. The world is a better place when we find ways to recognize imbalances and work hard to correct the course. We'll need your help with this one.

How do we stay connected

We come together, and communicate, a lot. Daily internal e-letters, weekly toolbox production meetings, quarterly all-staff business updates, annual, full day Playdays keep us connected and informed about what is going on across our company.

Our president meets twice a year, with every employee. Yes, every single employee, to listen and learn and stay connected with what is happening and how we can continue to elevate our employee experiences.