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We’re passionate about play. We believe that bringing play to communities makes the planet more livable and socially just. With thousands of installations across the world, we’re excited to be a part of the movement toward a healthier, happier, global community by offering innovative outdoor solutions designed for developing minds, thrill-seekers, budding explorers, and the young at heart.

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Our common goal, our passion, is to create global communities connected through play and social experiences. We believe the world needs more places where coming together, connecting and having fun are inevitable. What makes us jump out of bed every morning is knowing we’re integral to create these meaningful places, and we need people you to help us build them.

Our Supply Chain group is expanding with a new position focusing on safety and accuracy. You look after unloading deliveries, verifying accuracy and quality, properly labelling, storing, and recording items in our inventory systems. With a few years of experience in a manufacturing environment, you can draw on your experience and knowledge that every step in managing our supplies, starting with unloading the delivery truck, impacts our customers. You take great pride in being safe, efficient and sharing ideas about the best way to organize our inventory so everyone can quickly find what they need to build the fun features we manufacture for communities across the globe.

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