My Favourite MAKR Story


Image - Jill White

My favourite MAKR story has to do with the dedication of our amazing employees, and nothing speaks more loudly reflecting the level of our commitment to customer service than Mitchell’s journey from our head office in Kelowna, BC, Canada, through the Rocky Mountains, to Radium Hot Springs.

Winter in Canada is unpredictable, but Mitchell was keep to hand deliver a proposal to Radium, regardless of weather. Snow is falling and Mitchell is carefully driving into the Canadian Rockies and the roads are getting worse by the minute. Suddenly the car begins spinning and slides off the road, coming to a sudden stop, luckily, in a snowbank on the side of the road. He takes a moment to gain his composure. Takes some deep breathes to confirm he’s ok. Ensures his car is safely on the side of the road and gets out of the car. Mitchell then checks his watch, grabs his computer bag, and puts out his thumb, choosing to hitch hike down the snowy road to make his appointment with the municipality.

Spoiler alert: Mitchell made the appointment and delivered his presentation!

When Mitchell came back and relayed the story to his colleagues, we were all shocked he didn’t change course immediately after the accident and come straight home or to a medical clinic. To Mitchell, this wasn’t even a thought that crossed his mind. He was ok and the Village of Radium Hot Springs needed to see our amazing proposal. They had a splash pad to build after all.

Unfortunately we did not win the Radium project, but it wasn’t without Mitchell giving his absolute all.

All of us are glad he is safe and he’s since been reminded (repeatedly) to always put his safety and wellbeing first, but we also think he likes being regarded as a bit of a legend around the office.

Thank you to all MAKRs for your dedication and the work you do everyday. You are truly remarkable people.