Jillian White – My Favourite MAKR Story

Nothing speaks more loudly reflecting the level of our commitment to customer service than Mitchell’s journey to Radium. 

The small town was receiving proposals for a small spray park and Mitchell’s appointment was mid-afternoon. Picture the entrance to the Canadian Rockies and a Canadian winter on the highway. In the blink of an eye the car begins spinning on the road coming to a sudden stop in the ditch.  

Deep breath. 

Waiting for pain that thankfully does not come. 

Mitchell gathers his composure feeling lucky to not be hurt and exits the vehicle when safe to do so.  

He assesses the car and realizes it is not getting out of the ditch on its own. He looks at his watch, gathers his laptop and hitchhikes to town hall to give his presentation; the car will still be there when he is done!  

Turns out the car was a write off and he had to find a ride back to Kelowna after he was done answering all the towns questions. 

Mitchell got checked out as soon as he could (with a clean bill of health) and we would never expect this from anyone, but this undoubtedly speaks to his passion and dedication.

I can’t think of many people that would not have cancelled their presentation in this situation.

My only regret for Mitchell is that even after all of that dedication (I don’t know that anyone knew what had happened) unfortunately Mitchell did not win the project.

We were all just happy to know he was safe but this adventure has turned him into a ‘legend’ in the MAKR Group! 

Jillian White