My Favourite MAKR Story

KERRIN SMITH | Vice President, Strategic Growth

My favourite MAKR Story relates to the joyful, fun and friendly culture that permeates within the walls of this organization.

I have been fortunate to be engaged with Waterplay as both a customer/dealer as well as, most recently, an employee.  When I led a business that was supplied and supported by Waterplay, the culture and fun aspect of Waterplay and Waterplay employees was not only evident in our interactions, but also held almost mythical, legendary status to a degree that was unattainable and envy inducing to those of us on the “outside”.  

On joining the Waterplay team, this ethereal, previously unassimilated culture became all too apparent. I was fully immersed into a deeper understanding of what it represents during my first company summer event in August 2019. All our employees and several local suppliers were invited to a summer event at our facility which took place on our test pad and in the fabulous Kelowna summer outside. Much merriment, water soaking, and laughter followed, and the fun aspect of the business became very apparent to me.  

The “people first” philosophy of our business was also clear to see and experience.  The way Waterplay holds its employees in extremely high regard, the teamwork, collaboration, pursuit of a common passion and purpose, the myopic focus on being a positive influence on the world, all in a very fun and ambitious environment, was, and remains, intoxicating. 

At the same time as this event, we were hosting a prospective key account client from Europe. Their remarks on experiencing this day with us were confirmation of my emotions.  

They felt part of a team that they wanted to work with and with who they wanted to develop a strong collaborative relationship. Their experience that day has evolved into a fertile business relationship with a partner who “gets” who we are and wants to be a part of it.