Meet Marjorie, PURCHASER/Buyer

Marjorie Liesch, Purchaser (Buyer)

Marjorie’s our Purchaser (Buyer), Poet in Residence, and proud Grandma to granddaughters and a grandson who enjoy the playgrounds and parks that “Grandma helped build”!

Marge loves everything to do with the steel industry. She’s been in it for two decades, and her career has taken her from Kelowna to Vancouver and back to us.

Outside of work, Marge loves to give back to her community!

She volunteers with the Food Bank, supports the Caribbean community’s many festivals, and has even walked the runway as a model with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. 

That fashion show event was especially meaningful, as she lost her father and 18-year-old sister to heart disease.

We’re glad Marge keeps us entertained with her lyrical talents, and keeps our massive inventory stocked, thanks to her resourcefulness in navigating the supply chain challenges affecting every industry right now!