Meet Melinda, Design & Specification Manager

Melinda hanging out with team JETSET (from Canada) taking first place!

Melinda Pearson, Design & Specification Manager

Melinda is our Design & Specification Manager, living in Wisconsin.

She makes sure play philosophy, sparking curiosity and inclusivity are inherent in every amazing waterpark we install in communities across the globe. 

She’s also Executive Vice President of WinterFun, continuing her father’s legacy at the organization he founded in 1984.

WinterFun hosts national and international snow sculpting competitions with 2022 being the United States National Snow Sculpting Championship’s 37th year! 

The national and international family-friendly events are an economic boost to the communities that host them, attracting up to 70,000 visitors. 

What does Melinda love most about WinterFun?

“We give people a reason to get outside and do something outdoors in the winter. The camaraderie that exists among these creative and legitimate artists is really special.” 

We think you’re pretty special too, Melinda!

Thank you for all you do.