Self-Cleaning Public Toilets In Valemount, BC

Valemount Self Cleaning Washrooms

Project: Valemount Community Park
Space: Community Park 
Location: Valemount, BC

The Future Of Public Toilets (is something we thought we would never say!)

This forward-thinking mountain town is leading the way in smarter, safer public toilet facilities to offer a better experience for parkgoers, tourists and those travelling through town. 

With a mountain-inspired design, the new public toilets use automatic water and sanitization features that control water consumption AND disinfect the space between uses. Featuring vandal-resistant materials both inside and out, programmable access hours, a self-cleaning floor—this facility works hard to reduce ongoing costs associated with traditional public washroom facilities. 

 “The COVID-19 pandemic shows the importance of having automated, self-cleaning public toilets with easy access to serve residents as well as travelers who utilize our parks and recreation facilities and outdoor spaces” says Mayor Owen Torgerson.   

Product Line: Urben Blu

  • Automated, programmable cleaning and sanitization 
  • Ready-to-install pre-fabricated building 
  • Sustainable water consumption  
  • Vandal resistant materials and design