Pier Park, New Westminster, BC

Project: Westminster Pier Park
Space: Community Park
Location: New Westminster, BC

Peer From The Pier (so long as heights don’t scare you) 

New Westminster Pier Park needed an upgrade. After a fire destroyed the space, the community was ready for a waterfront destination for everyone to enjoy.  

Featuring a 30-foot Kompan Giant structure as the focal point of the park, this colourful-and-quirky design offers an outstanding play experience for every kiddo, caretaker, and passerby. Brave the height of the Giant, spin to your heart’s delight, swing, climb, and just be a kid. 

If you get tired, join your friends and family in one of the social hammocks—everyone needs somewhere comfy to watch the clouds pass by. 

“It was full of people and all the equipment [was] well used! Thanks for all the amazing work,” says Jia, from PFS Studio on a first visit to the park.

Product Line: Kompan


  • Custom 30’ Kompan Giant Tower 
  • Play equipment for every age and ability 
  • Strategically placed relaxation areas for all-day play 
  • Modern meets nature-inspired design