2021 CWB Group Productivity Award

We are SO excited to announce that we received the CWB Group Productivity Award for 2021!

This Productivity Award is presented to a company that has made an investment and conscious effort to increase efficiencies and productivity of its operations – this investment may be in automation, process or procedure improvement. 

Increasing productivity is always at the forefront of our team so we can ensure we’re delivering the BEST customer experiences. We’re grateful that our hard work has been recognized and that we were selected as this year’s award recipient! 

Specials thanks to Linde Canada Inc. for being a valuable industry partner to us and nominating us for this fantastic award! Another big thank you to CWB for their ongoing efforts to promote the industry and help push us to be more progressive in our use of technology.

Along with the award, we received a cash prize which we donated to the Mamas for Mamas organization, read more about it here.

About the CWB  

 The CWB Group is an industry-supported private sector organization providing welding certification, management systems registration and training services to over 7600 companies in 48 countries. Supported through CWB Certification, CWB Education, CWB Registration, CWB Consulting, and the CWB Association membership, the CWB Group provides a comprehensive and integrated service to the welding and joining industry.

Recognized as one of the largest and most innovative welding organizations in the world, CWB Group’s reach is unique in the fact that we are a national mandated organization that has successfully transitioned into international markets, bringing with us our high standards with respect to welding certification, education, safety and membership. Learn more about CWB.