Say hello to the MAKR Group!

MAKR Group forms as parent company to Waterplay, Parkworks and Wekid Mfg, and has a ton of fun doing it!

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, March 1, 2022—The newly formed MAKR Group is live and in action! Parent company to working brands, Waterplay, Parkworks and Wekid Mfg, the company officially opens its doors (old timey language for “launches websites”) for the first time on March 1st. Ready to take on the recreation space market with a team of over 100 skilled experts and three brands that offer products and services that make park and recreation spaces amazing and wonderful, the team at MAKR is after something “bigger”.

“This has been years in the making,” says MAKR Group President Jill White. “In 2004 I became a part of Waterplay’s history and that moment really put into perspective what ‘work’ could be—that it could be purposeful beyond just being a business. Culture became a big part of our team at Waterplay and as we grew, with Wekid and Parkworks, we knew we needed a company at the top whose main role was to drive our culture and the purpose of our businesses.”

Cue the MAKR Group. A team of courageous, tenacious, and joyful support staff who set their compass toward a bigger objective, to connect communities through play and social experiences.

“With brands like Waterplay, Parkworks and Wekid, we’re able to align our purpose very practically to impact people within their communities and the outdoor spaces they go to find joy,” continues, Jill White. “That’s our purpose and that’s what the MAKR Group is all about, within our own walls as an organization, and within the world.”

The MAKR brands:

Parkworks –The MAKR Group’s on-the-ground park space specialists for Western Canada. Formerly RecTec Industries in BC, and Playworks in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, these two companies have merged together to form a public space and park equipment supergroup. With over 30 years of experience, 1000’s of installations, and teams strategically placed to support its customers, Parkworks here to help the development of inclusive, innovative and exceptional recreation spaces. Visit Parkworks:

Waterplay – Nobody knows water play like Waterplay! In business since the beginning of splash pads in the 1980’s, their first installation was in the mountain town of Whistler, BC, Canada. Fun fact, it’s still up and running 35 years later. Waterplay’s dedicated support teams make sure of it! Amazing splash pad products and exceptional support, that’s the Waterplay promise, every time. Visit Waterplay:

Wekid Mfg – With 100s of 1000s of successful products installed around the globe, Wekid Mfg knows steel—it’s been their business for nearly two decades. Formerly WMI Manufacturing, this team of skilled manufacturers bends, shapes, cuts, drills, taps, welds and powder coats stainless steel and aluminum metal pipe, plate and block into any project specification. Visit Wekid Mfg:


The MAKR Group is here to have fun and make sure that others get the chance to do the same. They do this through the group of companies that “makr” up the MAKR Group: Parkworks, Waterplay and Wekid Mfg. MAKR believes that FUN BUiLDS amazing spaces, happy faces and communal bases. FUN BUiLDS amazing companies and an amazing future. FUN BUiLDS us! And we BUiLD FUN. Learn more about the MAKR Group and check our job postings at: