Meet Andro! Our most senior fabricator at Wekid, he’s been making magic with stainless steel since 2009.

Andro’s path to being the legendary fabricator we all know and love started in the Philippines. He came to Canada when he was 19. For seven years, Andro was a chef, then made a massive career change to become a ticketed fabricator.

Always smiling, Andro happily shares his talents and knowledge with up-and-coming fabricators, and everyone in production knows Andro is the expert who can quickly look at an engineering drawing and explain where to start. “They don’t teach you how to think like that in school.”

Andro and his wife Cecile are proud parents to a daughter and son. He says his teenagers still enjoy family ski trips, and adventurous road trips, where the destination is unknown, and it really is all about the journey. Camping and hot springs are some of their favorite holiday combinations.

What does Andro love most about working with Wekid? “The flexibility. It’s a supportive place where you can commit to what your family needs and still get to do unique projects. And stainless is clean. Our TIG welding isn’t noisy, compared to other shops.”

We appreciate your attitude and aptitude, Andro, and all that you do for your fellow MAKRs and Wekid customers!