Since joining WeKid just over a year ago, Fox has “done it all in the Warehouse”: mastered parts picking, assembly, palleting, and is now loving the precision, creativity, and demanding work of being our very first Painter.

“Painting satisfies all my needs in a job: it’s physical, I’m using my hands, and using my head to solve problems. I’m the final stop before our product gets shipped.”

Fox cherishes the fun memories he made as a kid, celebrating his birthdays at a massive waterpark back in Ontario. And now he’s part of the team that makes fun possible for other kids.

“I eventually get to see our park installs and see the kids having a good time. My life goal is to help people and do what I can to help others achieve their goals, whatever that may be. Being at a company that brings so much fun and positivity to kids is amazing.”

We think your attitude is pretty amazing, Fox, and appreciate your enthusiasm